Camp Prices February 2016

Your Costs for Apartments and Triathletes are easily calculated ....

.... You can travel from Manchester on Saturday 13th, which makes the dates perfect for the half term break, Gatwick on Thursday 11th or Monday 14th February, all getting direct to Sal in about 5 1/2 hours. If you need to be exactly within the half term then it is possible to travel either Saturday, Sunday or Monday using TAP through any connection to the Lisbon flight at 10:00 pm. These mostly go from Heathrow but you can take any connection into Lisbon - and they invariably wait for known connections if a connecting TAP plane is slightly late.

We've made it as simple as possible to calculate the price and make a booking, so we have prices for apartments, dependent on the number of people sharing and a simple addition for the number of triathletes in your party. So, from the table above you can calculate the complete price for any number of travelers. However, to make it even easier you can use our Price Calculator below:

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