Cape Verde
for the best winter training camps
Challenging Terrain
to ge the best from your training
Warm all Year Round
real "Feel Good" winter training
Open Water Swimming
22c to 24c all year round
Rewarding Cycling
almost empty roads and pleasant drivers
lots more to do
bring the family to learn kite or windsurfing

February Camp 2016 - UK Half Term from 6th February

Leaving from Manchester on the Sunday or taking the Saturday flight through Lisbon, from any airport, you'll enjoy 7 nights in Cape Verde and a 6 day camp.

  • Perfect Weather
  • Perfect Training
  • Perfect Company

Kick off your 2016 season the best way possible.

What they said . . . .

"Many, many thanks for a quite unbelievable week....

..... an outstanding venue (quite beautiful, friendly and warm ++); magnificent coaching (attentive, detailed, focused + challenging), and thoughtful guidance (around the island, restaurants & community). We have all really enjoyed every moment. Thanks also to Shelley & Lauren for their patience & company.

Sally & Joe