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Camp Programme

Every camp needs to start with a overall plan, certain periods when you know there's time for working on your form, others concentrating on skills, like transitions and an idea of the overall stress (workload) that will be placed on your body over the week. That workload will largely depend on the distance you intend racing for the season.

So, we start with a plan that has been adjusted, depending on exactly who is coming on the camp. Before you get here we we find out exactly what you would like go home having achieved. We then plan the week based on your aims and potential targets for the year, that have been shared with us before you get here. Once we know these we can tailor the camp to give you the maximum help with those aims and targets in mind.

There are some elements for everyone and others that longer distance triathletes will add. Anyone planning to do Ironman Lanzarote, or a similar early season race, may want to do extra distance that a sprint, standard distance or novice athlete needn't do. However, distance has to be coupled with intensity and the intensity, at times, will be ramped up, so we'll keep a close eye on your overall stress levels to Minimise the chance of you picking up an injury.

The first 2 days will concentrate on analysis and technique, swimming may be a mix of pool and open water, but each will be filmed. After that we will begin building speed while you retain that good technique and we'll be adding distance to get you fitter and fitter. The aim is to make you a better competitor in 2020.

One of our major aims is to help you train more effectively.

A stop off in Palmeira

The longest cycle will be a potential 3 hour ride with an optional extra hour for Ironman athletes. Most of the other rides will concentrate on specific aspects of your racing, aimed at helping you get the most out of your training once you return to the UK.

The wind in the early part of the year normally blows at around 25kph in a north easterly direction. That makes it very hard going in one direction and easy in the ohter, perfect practice for triathlons like Ironman Lanzarote and Kona.

Running with good technique is just as important as swimming with good technique, so the analysis from oursteady cams, GoPro and Drone is extremely important. From that we slowly increase the distance you run but keep varying the pace, so you maintain good form whether you're running at speed or at a recovery pace.

Good form is so important in minimising energy usage, reducing your chance of injury and maximising your chances of success.

the camp programme

6 Day Prospective Camp Programme

A fat bike may be the best way to get around Sal.

You can go everywhere - over sand and across the volcanic terrain.

Run analysis is a key element at the beginning of the week.

Slow motion video is always helpful to see exactly how you're running.

Swimming is a pleasure in the blue waters of Santa Maria.

The water is between 20C and 24C all year round - wet suits are optional.

A Head Cam view of the ride from Murdeira to the Airport

Our cam rides can be shaky but they give you a flavour of Cape Verde.