February Triathlon Camps

Leme Bedge accomodation is around the pool

Available Dates Wednesday 10th to Sunday 21st

The Focus is on You

In February we're holding a Group camp for up to 16 Triathletes, aiming to maximise and boost your winter training, so you head into the 2016 season with more fitness and form than ever before. You can choose to come for one week starting any day from Wednesday 10th, so you can take advantage of pre-half term prices, right through to a departure on Sunday 21st, which matches the final day of the half term break.

Accommodation is at the Leme Bedge hotel, literally overlooking the beach.

At the start of the week the programme for February will be heavily biased towards analysis and technique, so we uncover potential issues in your swimming stroke, cycling style and run technique. From this we get an understanding of what you need to concentrate on during your stay.

The first 2 days of swimming will concentrate on analysis and technique, day 1 in the pool and day 2 in open water. After that we will begin building speed while you retain that good technique, so you're comfortable and competitive in 2016.

The longest cycle will be a potential 3 hours, or 4 hours for Ironman athletes. Most of the other rides will concentrate on specific aspects of your racing and training that will help you get the most out of your training in the UK.

Running with good technique is just as important as swimming with good technique, so the analysis done on the first day is extremely important. From that we slowly increase the distance you run but keep varying the pace, so you maintain good form whether you're running at speed or at a recovery pace.

With 3 airlines linking from the UK, Thompson and Thomas Cook direct and TAP through Lisbon, there is a good variety of potential traveling days. The daily TAP flight from Lisbon normally connects with a TAP flight from London. That means you should be able to arrive on Sunday, ready for the camp start on Monday.

A fat bike may be the best way to get around Sal.

You can go everywhere - over sand and across the volcanic terrain.

Run analysis is a key element at the beginning of the week.

Slow motion video is always helpful to see exactly how you're running.

Swimming is a pleasure in the blue waters of Santa Maria.

The water is between 20C and 24C all year round - wet suits are optional.

A Head Cam view of the ride from Murdeira to the Airport

Our cam rides can be shaky but they give you a flavour of Cape Verde.