Flights to Sal

** Thomas Cook Flights Currently at £310 return - Wed 10th **

We are only facilitators in finding the best accommodation from which to run our camps, are not travel agents and have no experience of providing flights, other than those we have arranged for the purposes of our camps. However, we do know about traveling to Sal and where it's best to book flights independently to get the best prices.

There are 2 carriers currently providing direct flights to Sal from the UK, Thomson and Thomas Cook. Thompson fly from Gatwick twice a week (Monday and Thursday), from Birmingham (Tuesdays) and Manchester (Sunday and Wednesday). Thomas Cook fly from Gatwick on Wednesdays. That means you can come out to Sal on a day that suits you directly from he UK.

In addition to that TAP (air Portugal) fly from Lisbon every day. You can leave from any airport in the UK, arrive in Lisbon and take the ongoing flight. However, TAP normally have a connecting flight leaving Heathrow at around 18:00 hours. The flight normally arrives in good time for the connection, but if time is tight they will hold the connecting plane and rush you from one directly to the other.

That means you can start the camp during the week at a time to suit your arrangements. If half term is a limiting factor then Sunday from Manchester or a Saturday flight linking to Lisbon is for you. If you're not limited by school holidays then your choices are wide.

Amilcar Cabral Airport Sal

A fat bike may be the best way to get around Sal.

You can go everywhere - over sand and across the volcanic terrain.

Run analysis is a key element at the beginning of the week.

Slow motion video is always helpful to see exactly how you're running.

Swimming is a pleasure in the blue waters of Santa Maria.

The water is between 20C and 24C all year round - wet suits are optional.

A Head Cam view of the ride from Murdeira to the Airport

Our cam rides can be shaky but they give you a flavour of Cape Verde.